Miss Pooja Biography

Birth Name: Gurinder Kaur Kainth Born: December 4, 1979 Origin: Rajpura, Punjab, India Occupation: Singer, Actress Industry: Punjabi Music Genere: Bhangra Active Since: 2006 Miss Pooja, a punjabi folk vocalist from India rise to fame has come at the right time. Not only has she inspired others to take up folk singing. But she is fast becoming a worldwide name that people want to work with. She is now becoming the words on everyone's lips, a powerful singer that has shown the world and Bhangra industry that there still are genuine artists out there.

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Miss Pooja History

Miss Pooja was born as Gurinder Kaur Kainth on 4 december 1979. Before embarking on her professional singing career, she received a master's degree in music and worked as a music teacher in Patel Public School in Rajpura, India. She choose "Miss Pooja" as her professional name because "Pooja" was her childhood nickname. Miss Pooja has been singing her whole life. After earning a Masters in Music, she took the Bhangra scene in India by storm with her sweet yet powerful vocals. She later began recording duets with a number of artists. Once she had established herself on the Indian scene, Miss Pooja took her career to the UK where she continued to collaborate with some of the biggest names in Bhangra music..

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Miss Pooja Career

Miss Pooja started her career with Darshan Khella and released the album Jaan to Piyari, it was released in January 2006. Since then she has recorded duets with other artists on over 1500 songs and released over 300 albums. Miss Pooja toured the United States in 2006. In 2007 a Miss Pooja live session was broadcast in the UK on BBC Asian Network In 2008 she toured the United Kingdom with Canadian bhangra singer Jazzy B. In 2009 Miss Pooja won "Best International Act" at the UK Asian Music Award In 2010 she won "Best International Album" at the UK Asian Music Awards for her album Romantic Jatt.

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Miss Pooja’s Music

Miss Pooja has sung duets with singers like Darshan Khella, Geeta Zaildar, Mamohan Sidhu and Amar Arshi. Many of the songs that she has performed are by the Punjabi song writer Karamjit Puri. Her debut album was Jan Ton Piyari. Her album Queen of Duets was also well received. Some her popular songs include ‘Bhan Chooriyan Pyar Tera Dekhdi Ne’, ‘Seeti’, ‘Jhona Lona Chad Dena’ and ‘Teeyan Teej Diyan’.

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